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mutate_locate  - generative immersive installation

mutate_locate - generative immersive installation

Documentation of the Installation mutate_locate in which I took part creating the visuals and designing the spatial installation. Animated visuals using cutout analog animation. Sound composition by Teresa Carrasco, Amy Jean Barnett and Chloe Yoon. The starting point in mutate_locate was to go beyond the idea of a nuclear disaster and its images of devastation, and explore instead a different kind of landscape: one transformed and mutated as a consequence of radiation, which in the aftermath, without the influence of humans, might have an exuberant outcome for the senses. The installation was first presented on November 24-25, 2017, in Weimar in the context of the 20th anniversary of the Studio für Elektroakustische Musik (SEAM). A generative sound environment programmed in Max/MSP by Teresa Carrasco, and composed by Carrasco, Barnett, and Yoon, creates unexpected sound objects and textures, which change and move endlessly in time and space. Sound ecosystems are also affected by the proximity and movement of visitors as they interact within the space. This is made possible through distance sensors and wireless microprocessor technology. Created by Ana Maria Vallejo, projected landscapes based on cut-out analog animation and unified through the use of ancient gold color, are also under the influence of the sensors’ parameters. Visuals become an immersive maze-like space, constructed by hanging translucent fabric, allowing projected sequences to be layered along the depth of the space, so that images become fragmented and multiplied. Since visitors can wander between the projections, light intensity, colors, transparencies and shadows will be influenced as well in the space. The main projection source envelops the space, triggering new sound spaces by activating randomly a new animated sequence. In that way, sound and image interact in unity with visitors. Further projection sources are strategically located to create new visual spaces and additional narrations.
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